Lexington Books for the Avid Reader

June 3, 2024

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Lexington is a town filled with history. You will always find new facts about how Lexington played a major role in the American Revolution, politics, and culture. For the avid reader, Lexington offers many opportunities to explore your love of books. 

American Midnight with Adam Hochschild

On June 4 from 7 to 8 pm, author Adam Hochschild will share insights virtually on his critically acclaimed novel American Midnight at the Buckman Tavern. The story follows America during World War I and all of the tension throughout the nation. There were debates over labor rights, free speech, and racial equality. This book largely touches on a period of history that is often overlooked, but its legacy still affects us today. This event is free and organized by the Lexington Historical Society. 

Gold For Ghosts with Rick Beyer

Author and filmmaker Rick Beyer will return to Lexington to recount his epic Gold for Ghosts journey at the Depot Square in Lexington on July 13 from 7 to 8 pm. During his time in the town about 20 years ago, he learned the story of WWII deception units called The Ghost Army. His fascination with these individuals led him on a journey to learn more about the Ghost Army. He created a documentary in 2013, wrote a book in 2015, and was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 2024. Beyer will share his process and behind-the-scenes views on the creation of these works. 

Read Novels about Lexington

Since Lexington, MA is rooted in American history naturally there are many historical novels based on this town. Some are set during the Battle of Lexington while others are an overview of Lexington’s role in the American Revolution. 

One book that strays from the topic of the American Revolution is The Flag, The Cross, and the Station Wagon by Bill McKibben. In this novel, McKibben recounts his memories of growing up in Lexington, Massachusetts. Since he was a little boy, he always believed that America was the best country in the world. However, as he began to grow up, he became increasingly aware of the inequality that plagues the country. In his book, he shares what he’s learned in hopes of making a difference in the world. 

You’ll never get bored with Lexington’s selection of novels and book events. Check out Maxima in Lexington to browse these books and more.