Lexington Patriots’ Day

A tribute to those patriots who fell on Lexington Green on the morning of

April 19, 1775

Since 1971, the Lexington Minute Men have recreated the birth of American liberty on Lexington Common, also known as the Lexington Battle Green, at 6 AM on Patriots’ Day. First proclaimed as a public holiday in Massachusetts in 1894, Patriots’ Day commemorates the start of the American Revolution at the Battle of Lexington. The Battle of Lexington is commemorated every year on the third Monday in April. We pay tribute to those patriots who fell on Lexington Green on the morning of April 19, 1775, and to the courage and fortitude of those who continued the fight throughout the day. The celebration usually spans an entire weekend culminating with the annual parade through Lexington Center.

After dawn on Patriots’ Day, spectators ring the Common watching the huddled group of Minute Men- “The Alarm” at the Old Belfry. Soon they hear the steady pounding of drums and marching feet as column upon column of red-coated Regulars come into view. Angry words are spoken. Then a shot is fired. Volley after volley of musket fire follows. Seven men fall. The Regulars shout a triumphant “huzza” and continue on to Concord. Despite losing close friends and family members, the Minute Men soon follow them to Concord, where they have their revenge. This is the historic reenactment of the beginning of the War for American Independence

More events to spend your day in Lexington:

The Sunrise Youth Parade is organized annually as a part of Patriots’ Day celebrations. It provides younger members of the community the opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of the weekend.

Lexington Lions Club Annual Five-Mile Road Race: Set against the backdrop of scenic Lexington, this event not only marks a significant milestone but also embodies the spirit of Patriots’ Day, a day steeped in American history.

USS Lexington Memorial Ceremonies: This ceremony commemorates the role played by the U.S.S. Lexington ships and honors those who served aboard the five vessels named U.S.S. Lexington.

Patriots’ Day Afternoon Parade: The most anticipated event of the weekend which is a two-hour parade starting from East Lexington to Worthen Road. This two-mile parade includes floats from many culturally diverse organizations displaying their work and art.

Plan your trip to this year’s Patriots’ Day Celebration.

250th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington April 19th, 2025.