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Regional Cultural Tourism Project

The Regional Cultural Tourism Project is a collaborative effort by MAPC and the Towns of Concord, Lexington, and Arlington to build local capacity to measure and expand the economic impacts of tourism through increased inter-municipal collaboration, strengthened connections among local tourism assets and businesses, and amplification of under-represented contemporary and historical narratives, past and present, particularly for these towns’ African American communities.

As the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution approaches, the Regional Market Analysis speaks to Arlington, Concord, and Lexington’s opportunity to reframe the region’s foundational narratives to reflect a more inclusive range of histories and the region’s increasingly diverse population. The analysis leverages data collected from conversations with key municipal staff and other sources to assess the economic impacts of tourism in the region and provide the scaffolding for a regional approach to tourism and economic development planning. Ultimately, it calls for the region to craft a more inclusive and welcoming experience for visitors and community members, connect and expand existing tourism assets, and expand its reach to attract additional visitors and adapt to larger tourism trends.

The Regional Cultural Tourism Project includes three related elements:

  1. Regional Tourism Market Analysis
  2. Regional Tourism Data Strategy
  3. Battle Road African-American Heritage Interactive Map


Partners: Town of Arlington, Town of Concord, Town of Lexington, Metropolitan Area Planning Council