Buckman Tavern (circa 1704-1710)

The oldest tavern in Lexington.

Here, about 77 Minutemen gathered in the early hours of April 19, 1775, while awaiting the British regulars. The tavern was licensed to serve drovers in 1713, and served as a place for churchgoers during the Sunday nooning. The interior today is much the same as it was when the tavern was the headquarters of the Minutemen. Among the many items on display is the Tavern’s old front door with a bullet hole from the 1775 Battle of Lexington. To the left of the tavern is the Memorial to the Lexington Minutemen of 1775, erected in 1949, and containing the names of the Minutemen who died on the Green in the first battle of the Revolutionary War. The inscription reads “these men gave everything dear in life Yea and Life itself in support of the common cause.” 

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Across from the Lexington Battle Green at 1 Bedford Street.
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