Half Day in Lexington – Afternoon

1:00 PM

45-60 mins

Battle Green Tour

On the one-hour tour, you will explore this National Historic Landmark with our costumed guide. You will learn about the notable sites and historic houses around Lexington Battle Green, where “the first blood was spilt in the dispute with Great Britain,” as George Washington wrote in his diary.

It is considered consecrated ground, both for the blood that was shed on it and for the militiamen who are interred here.

2:00 PM

30-45 mins

Buckman Tavern (1709)

1 Bedford St, Lexington, MA 02420, USA


Built in 1709 by Benjamin Muzzey, the Buckman Tavern was a gathering place for both locals and travelers and the site of many important town meetings. Captain Parker and his militia gathered in this tavern in the early morning hours of April 19, 1775, to await the oncoming British Redcoat troops. Today, the building has been restored as a museum, with an upstairs which features galleries on a rotating and permanent basis.

3:00 PM

45-60 mins

Hancock-Clarke House (1737)

36 Hancock Street, Lexington, MA


The parsonage was originally built for John Hancock I, the grandfather of the patriot John Hancock. Subsequently, the house was occupied by Jonas Clarke and his family. It was built on what later became Hancock Street. In 1775, just after midnight, Paul Revere arrived on horseback to inform John Hancock and Sam Adams that "the Regulars are out," not the commonly known phrase, "The British are coming." John Hancock and Sam Adams were guests at the Hancock-Clarke house at this time. The house contains period furnishings and portraits. A barn behind the Hancock-Clarke House will be named the Ruth Morey Education Center. The Hancock-Clarke house is owned and operated by the Lexington Historical Society.  

4:15 PM

30-45 mins

Minute Man National Historical Park

210 North Great Road, Lincoln, MA 01773


Minute Man Visitor Center, the parking lot for which is at 210 North Great Road (Route 2A), Lincoln, MA, functions as the gateway to Minute Man National Historical Park. From May to the end of October, you can see the award-winning multimedia show, "Road to Revolution" every half-hour there.