Kid-Friendly Activities in Lexington

June 18, 2024

Blog Title Image Header Munroe Tavern

June marks the beginning of summer for many people. Kids have finished the school year, and families are planning trips. There’s no better way to spend summer than in Lexington. This town offers many kid-friendly activities that are perfect for the whole clan. 

Be a Tavern Keeper! A History Mini-camp for Grades 3-5

This one-day camp is a history goldmine for grades three to five. Kids will spend the day in the Munroe Tavern participating in hands-on activities to learn all about how to run an inn, restaurant, and general store. 

They’ll learn things like what foods you can serve your guests, how to light your home before electricity, and what games you can play in the parlor. The camp is one day only on July 12 from 9 am to 3 pm.  

Run a Colonial Farm! A History Mini-camp for Grades 6-8

For children in grades six through eight, this one-day camp will teach them all the skills needed to live on a farm. Fun activities include learning about the chemistry of making ink and the science behind preserving food, to putting on dancing shoes, and creating dances for the harvest frolic. This colonial farm camp takes place on July 19 from 9 am to 3 pm. 

These two camps mentioned above are a perfect opportunity for both you and your kids to have fun in Lexington. After you drop them off at camp, enjoy a tour, shopping, dining, and more. 

Lexington Celebrates! Walking Tour 

For the history buff, Lexington will offer Lexington Celebrates! Walking Tour on June 23. Beginning and ending at the Buckman Tavern, this tour explores all the areas around the Lexington Battle Green and serves as a commemoration of the 1775 Battle of Lexington. 

Throughout history, the Lexington Battle Green has sat through centuries of monuments being built and torn down, protests, and anniversaries. 

This material might be more suitable for older children based on the subject matter.

Explore the Outdoors 

Lexington offers many ways to get outdoors. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy a bike ride through the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway, a.k.a. Lexington’s “Revolutionary Rail Trail” and hike through the Town Conservation Land and Open Space. There are many opportunities for you to enjoy the nice fresh air while spending time with your sons and daughters. Read our blog about outdoor activities in Lexington to learn more.  

Celebrate summer in Lexington and explore the endless possibilities this historic town has to offer.